I am a consumer whore (and how) from 'Rejected' This short film by Don Hertzfeld (official page) has way too many interesting and nifty bits in it.

Went to the library on Saturday, as well as doing the grocery shopping and cat food shopping. A bunch of people had reserved the big conference room for NaNoWriMo, and they were all plugging away feverishly on their laptops. I don’t know. . . it took me 6 months to write a novel, back in 1993–1994 before the Net delivered distractions to my screen 24/7, and I didn’t have a full time job. Trying to write a novel in one month sounds like it just wouldn’t work, assuming that you had a job and a social life. Oh well, maybe the participants will learn something and get a lot of stuff written.

This is what the image refers to.