dog drinking out of sprinklerReally, I am reminded of this image just about every time I see a public forum on the Net where people are talking about politics. The number of ad hominem attacks, baseless generalizations, completely ridiculous accusations, and statements that would be actionable or libelous if they were published on paper instead of the Net defies description. What passes for political discourse in this country has a cage for a head, and it has not been cleaned. I do not know how to fix this. It may be as Alexander Hamilton said: “Your People, sir, is a great beast.” That fits, actually—the mass of humanity is like a crew of circus elephants; majestic in performance, awesome to watch, and the source of truly mind-boggling amounts of excrement when you least expect it. Or for an alternate take on things, the guys at Penny Arcade say this is what happens when you give people pseudo-anonymity and allow them to speak.

(This picture would be more appropriate for Cursday than for Caturday, but what the heck.)

On Friday, several of us went out for lunch. I picked up 2 slices of pizza, said to the cashier, “I’ve got one slice of pepperoni and one slice of pepperoni and olives,” and she replied, “OK, that’s $16.17.” “Whaaaat?” I said, since pizza isn’t quite that expensive. “Sorry, that’s $6.17,” she said. The workers all looked frazzled from the lunch rush, so I guess it isn’t that surprising they’d miss a few things.