Moira with gameOK, I could afford this, but it still feels a bit frivolous. Oh well, the economy would collapse even faster if people weren’t buying things. The interface in the sequel is improved, the songs are good, the opening video is even dumber than the opening video in the first game, and they haven’t really changed the character creator. They have added “no fail” mode, which will be a boon for people who aren’t that good at the game.

On Tuesday, there was a Redhat event in Scottsdale. I went. It was more marketing than technology, but there were a few things that I heard that were useful. And they gave us coffee and lunch, which was surprisingly good. I got back and was immediately treated to a chorus of “Stuff you worked on is breaking, fix it, help!!1!” I got it mostly fixed (not 100% fixed, enough to get us through tomorrow, I hope.) Bleah. If it weren’t for the relatively nice notebook and pair of Redhat-branded flip-flops they gave me, it would’ve almost been better to have stayed at work.

Trivia: We figured out that Sunday was the best time to get together.  Zach and Sarah told us all about the stuff they did at Disney World.  Some good rides, some bad rides, a lot of stupid people, far too many stupid kids, gift shops full of merchandise that was tied to the next movie that the Mouse is producing, no merchandise that they actually wanted to buy, and so forth.  And we were trailing by a few points when I left.