a fake motivational poster of a gazeboOne of my neighbors to the north has a small gazebo. Of course, this reminded me of the tale of Eric and the gazebo. But basically, not a whole lot happened on Monday. Did final post-party cleanup, got the car’s emissions checked, renewed the car’s registration, and finished reading Singularity Sky. It was fairly interesting, but I’m not sure about Stross’s conclusions. I did like how the Glorious People’s Revolutionary Council set everything on its ear for several weeks and then were rendered totally obsolete by technology.

Other stuff from the party: Just as people began to arrive, John called and wanted to talk. This would’ve been great on a normal Sunday afternoon, but I’d chosen to play host right then on that Sunday. Gah. Everything happens at once sometimes. Oh well, there’s always later this week. And I had anticipated that people would have questions about where stuff was, so I wrote “plates, bowls”, “glasses”, “forks, spoons”, and stuff like that on pieces of paper and taped those to cabinets and drawers. People still asked where the forks and glasses were. I guess people don’t expect to see labels like that in residential kitchens, so even when they’re there, people don’t see them.

Also, my Net host just got bought by Rackspace.  Arrrrgh.  They say they’re not going to make any changes, at least not yet, really, they mean it.  Please place your bets on when the service starts to suck horribly.  I’m guessing 3 to 6 months, but I could be wrong.