turkey breast stuffed with duck breast stuffed with chicken breastA fair number of people at work (both the old company and the new one) had no idea what a turducken was. Culinary overload, people. FedUP delivered it on Wednesday, so it’ll sit in the freezer until Christmas. I got this one for 25% off, as well, which basically meant that the shipping cost more than the meat product. Oh well, the one we had last year was tasty.

I also got some good news on Thursday:  I’m getting a small raise.  This is a really good thing—much better than being laid off, that’s for sure.  I rarely got raises at the old company.

Still reading The Many-Colored Land.  I think the main criticism I’ll have of this book is that it’s probably too short.  It’s an engaging yarn, full of larger-than-life characters, evil plots, double crossing, epic fights, and so forth.  This is only to be expected, since the author says, “Some of the characters were lifted directly from Celtic mythology” in the afterword.  At least there’s a sequel.