snakes on a plane motivational poster“Snakes on a Plane” was 7 pounds of cheese in a 5 pound sack. But as the poster says, some things don’t have to make sense, and are better if they don’t.

Went over to Steve’s on Wednesday night. Had turkey burgers and heard all about the drama that’s going on in Steve’s younger son’s life. Apparently, a teacher at his school is being evil and stupid. Well, I’ve had experiences with a number of incompetent schoolteachers, but never problems like the ones he was describing. For some reason (low pay? lack of respect?) there are a bunch of people who are in education and educational administration who shouldn’t be anywhere near that field. I guess I’ve been fortunate to encounter so few of them in my life.

Reading The Many-Colored Land by Julian May. This could have been typical sci-fi/time travel hack fare, but it has interesting characters and is reasonably well written. One of the people who checked this out before I did had done something odd: On many pages where there was a “difficult” word, they’d written a less difficult word right next to it in pencil. So you’d see something like “epitaph (tombstone)” on page 161. That seems really strange to me, but what the heck.