Dr. Strange, who seems to have hurt his handI went to give blood on Wednesday morning. It wasn’t really a problem, but the person who did my initial screen where they take some blood from a finger and test it for iron was unskilled or something. The finger she poked hurt more than any other part of the procedure, and it still hurts. OK, part of this may be because I have to use my fingers for everything.

Work was much less dramatic than previous days this week, which was nice. When I was waiting for the bus home, I ran into a young guy with multiple facial piercings whom I hadn’t seen before. He wanted to know where bus N stopped, since he was unfamiliar with the bus system. “Right here—all the Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe buses stop here,” I said. He seemed to think this was really cool, and then delivered running commentary on just about everything that was happening around us. People walking by, some idiot in a VW Bug trying to peel out, the people waiting at the bus stop. . . . It was a little odd. Oh well.

Went to Steve’s, had vegetarian lasagna with goat cheese, played Rock Band 2 for a while. That was fun. “Livin’ On A Prayer” is very 1980s, but still a good song for several people to rock out to. Then a Java problem which was surprisingly simple to solve.  Next entry:  The Sporks Of Revolution.