Fuzzball snoozing in the windowThere haven’t been any pictures of Fuzzball for a while. Here she is doing her favorite afternoon thing, napping so she’ll be rested enough to MEEOOOW a lot when dinnertime rolls around.

I’ve had a clumsy 24 hours. Broke a glass on Sunday night, forgot my cellphone on Monday morning and didn’t remember until I was halfway to the bus stop, had to run back and get it, and then at work I spent entirely too much time chasing down a really annoying, stupid bug that was due to one bad line of code. At least the Large Shell Script has had all but one of its bugs fixed.

I also got a phonecall and an e-mail from a recruiter today, wondering if I wanted another job. It’s similar to what I’m doing now, but pays slightly better. However, it’s not on the bus route, and I have no idea what the work environment is like. It could be a lot worse, and right now I like my work and my co-workers. I was also slightly concerned by the recruiter’s saying that the cross streets for the place were “Indian School and U.S. 60 in Mesa”—those streets don’t intersect in Mesa. Well, even the best of us can be geography impaired.