I will decide your level of FAIL.It’s Caturday, but the Patagonian Cavies would like it to be Cavy Day instead. And boy, do they disapprove.

Fixed the RPM problem at work, put together a script that should do a bunch of Neat Stuff, but I won’t get to test that script until next week. Also, next Tuesday, they’re sending me to a Redhat event in Scottsdale, where breakfast and lunch will be provided, and they’ll try to educate us about various technologies sell us things. That should be neat. In 7.5 years of working for the old company, I was never sent to a software training event. Well, working for larger companies has its benefits.

Other stuff: Not much. Finished Testing Testing, finally. The author’s conclusions about drug testing are probably worth looking at. He says that drug tests as currently used cost a lot of money, do little to discourage drug use, and cause bad feelings among prospective employees. What’s worse is that they perpetuate a presumption of guilt. A prospective employee is presumed to be a drug addict, and must prove that he isn’t to be hired. That’s a far cry from the “innocent until proven guilty” buzzphrase that is supposed to underlie most of our jurisprudence.

Well, companies have proven time and again that they’re willing to do tons of dumb things. This recent thread about the best and worst boss stories shows that, at least. One hopeful sign in that link is that there were more “good boss” stories than “bad boss” stories, though.