Dad.  Hey dad.  Dad dad hey dad.Anyone who’s ever been around young kids can empathize with this picture.

John recently got a job after being unemployed for a while. Yay! Starting Monday, he’ll be doing contract work for Comerica. Not the world’s greatest job ever, but a lot better than being unemployed. I think he’ll be working with large IBM boxes that are fault-tolerant, have Suckage Attached to Network, and all kinds of buzzwordy goodness.

I must be doing something wrong with the local RPM repository at work. Some of the packages I built are doing the right thing, and some of them aren’t. More things to fiddle with tomorrow. At least today, I was able to solve some strange PHP problems that were somewhat annoying to diagnose.

Went to a nearby Middle Eastern restaurant for dinner on Thursday. That was pretty good, and it made me realize how much I’d missed good hummus, pita, lentil soup, and stuff like that. There weren’t very many people in the place even though the food was good and the restaurant has consistently won various awards. Oh well.