Tired cat is tired. I expect to be as well, since I have to get up before 5 am on Wednesday to kick a set of servers. Update: That went less well than it could’ve. I knew that NFS stands for Nightmare File System, but I was not prepared for the problems that the implementation in RHEL 4 has with certain stupid scenarios.

On both Monday and Tuesday, I forgot to put the book I was reading in my bag. Grrr.

Trivia: Lots of stuff happened. Apparently, there’s a big trivia contest in Denver on Nov. 16, and several of us are going. They wanted to know whether I could go, and I had to tell them I didn’t know, because I didn’t know if I was on call that week or not. I have to look at my schedule on Wednesday to make sure, but the other problems (buy plane ticket, arrange for someone to take care of Fuzzball) mean that going to this will be expensive and a pain even if I can go. Nathan wondered if it was going to be really cold in Denver in November. That’s one thing I’m not worried about; growing up in the U.P. showed me that cold is something that can be worked around given the right clothes and some common sense.