Monday, it was actually about 60 F in the morning when I walked to the bus stop. It felt colder than it should’ve. Well, I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, as I’ve done every day since March. I saw people wearing spring/fall jackets when the bus drove through downtown. I do wonder what would happen to longterm AZ natives who had to spend an entire winter in Minnesota or da U.P.

There was a lot less traffic than usual because a bunch of Fed and State government employees get Columbus Day off. We in the private sector don’t, of course. But what the heck.

An interesting article, mostly about stupid management and employee loyalty. I think that this was a really stupid decision on the district manager’s part from the article and the reader comments. I don’t know for sure. It’s too bad that we probably won’t ever know the whole story in this case.

The vampires (United Blood Services) called my cellphone the other day. Well, work is having a blood drive on Oct 22, so I might as well sign up.