I got my Schlock Mercenary book in the mail on Saturday. Yay! And unlike last time, I didn’t get laid off immediately before receiving it. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.  It’s satisfying to read the comics all at once, instead of clicking a mouse button and waiting for each JPEG to load. Plus, I get to know that the author gets some money from the book sale, so he can keep drawing the comic.

Not much else to report. They’re having some sort of celebration thing called the “Tempe Tardeada” near the library on Sunday, and I saw all the workers setting up tables, tents, benches, and stuff like that on Saturday when I went to return my library books. I went to that last year, but I was preoccupied by a bunch of other stuff and didn’t spend much time looking around. This year, I might go and look around a bit more.