At work on Friday, one of the important servers had a cow right as I was coming back from a meeting. Dealing with that and its aftermath was reasonably easy, even a bit fun, but it ate almost all of my morning. And we have to figure out why it happened, and how to make it not happen again, ever, since it could be really annoying. I have a feeling that sometime next week, at 0-dark-thirty, I’ll be dealing with this problem under a more controlled situation when everyone and their brother isn’t trying to use the servers.

And then, while I was riding the bus home, the bus’s engine died while we were near the I-10 and I-17 intersection. We had to wait for about 20 minutes while they found a new bus and drove it to us. It could’ve been a lot worse, though. The A/C was still working, and since it’s October, it was only about 90 F even without A/C.