This is what Steve’s younger son came up with for a guitar player on Wednesday. I don’t know about the pants; not even a rock star can make spandex pants like that look good all the time. Fortunately, video game characters are not bound by physics and biology.

Heard from Ed on Thursday, which was interesting. Apparently, when he moved, he was without Net at home for almost 2 months, so he wasn’t responding to personal e-mail during that time. I’d find the lack of Net totally intolerable, and probably wouldn’t put up with it. Not that there’s any real need to these days—unless you’re living way out in the boonies, at least one of your neighbors probably has an unsecured, unencrypted AP running.  But now we have to get together for dinner this month sometime.  No idea whether we’ll do it at a restaurant or at someone’s house. . . could be either.

I’ll be on call for a week starting on Friday.  Well, it could be worse.  It could be raining.