This xkcd comic was totally relevant to what went on Wednesday night. Steve didn’t have any Linux stuff planned, so I put the Xbox 360 and almost all of the stuff required to play Rock Band into my car and drove it over to his house. We then found out that I’d forgotten to put the cable that connected the Xbox to the TV in the bag. I had to drive back to my condo and get that, which took way too long.

But after that, we played a bunch of songs and got absolutely no Linux work done. Oh well, everyone needs a break from serious computer-related activities now and then.  Well, at work on Wednesday, I managed to get a Solaris 10 box running Apache and PHP 5.2.6, and serving pages, so my geek cred is fully up.

Steve’s younger son liked the way you could give the band members different clothes and hairstyles. I spent most of my time playing drums, which is a little odd as I’m not that good at the drums.  Oh well, we had fun, which is the important thing.