Of course, every rock band needs a drummer. Yes, that’s a peanut with a knife behind it on his shirt. The art creator has a lot of complex, pre-designed art elements, and comparatively few primitive elements. Oh well.

Trivia: We were doing reasonably well when I left.  However, we had one question that no one knew the answer to:  “Who killed Cock Robin?”  Since we had no idea, we wrote, “Cock Batman”.  Yes, we are not afraid to go for the cheap joke.

I got my early ballot in the mail. Later this week, I’ll have to research all of the state proposals and state legislators and figure out how to vote on them. I’ve already got an idea of how to vote for the national races. I also hope that none of the vote-counting machinery was manufactured by Diebold.

We’re departing from usual procedure and going out to eat on Thursday instead of Friday this week, mostly because a couple of us are off on Friday.