This is what I came up with for a female guitar player. One problem with the character creator is that the characters on the skinny end of the weight slider all look anorexic. Also, you can create art and add it to some of the clothes and guitars, but not all of them. It’s a bit difficult to see (dang this camera) but Jane here has her name on her top. I have a feeling they had to have something done as quickly as possible, and might have rushed this part of the game since the songs were more important than making the characters look good.

I got a coupon in the mail for $5 off groceries at Fresh and Easy Tesco. So on Monday night I went there because I was out of bread. I only know Tesco from stories the Monks tell about things like Tesco Value Gin (apparently a horrible, nauseating fluid fit only for vermin). But hey, they’re opening some pilot stores here in Phoenix, so might as well try them out. I got some bread and some other stuff, and while checking out, found that I had only $19 worth of stuff. The coupon required a $20 minimum purchase. So I grabbed the closest thing over $1 that I could find, which was a small tray of sushi. I guess I’ll see how cucumber rolls fit into a complete breakfast on Tuesday, since sushi just doesn’t keep very well.