Not so fast there, kitty. The Second Amendment says “bear arms”, not “kitty arms”.

So the shooting range day didn’t go off as planned. I got to the range about 10:10, nobody else was there yet, so I called Zach. I got his voice mail and left a message. Then I started shooting, figuring he’d call back at some point. I went through a few magazines, no Zach, waited a bit longer, talked to a couple of people who were shooting black powder pistols, went through a few more magazines, and wondered what was going on. When it got to be 12:00, I said, “forget it, I’m hungry for lunch,” then packed up everything and left.

Zach finally called me while I was waiting for my food at Chili’s about 20 minutes later. Apparently, he and Sarah had been out until 2am on Saturday night because of Sarah’s high school reunion, so he was sleeping in and had totally forgotten the shooting plans. Oops. Well, this shows that I can go to a range without close supervision by experienced gun owners, send all the bullets roughly where they’re supposed to go, and not damage myself or others in the process. (However, while cleaning my rifle on Sunday night, I whacked my index finger on a sharp metal bit and got a small cut. It’s always something.)

Currently reading The Ecolitan Enigma by L.E. Modesitt Jr.  It’s about an economist/spy who’s sent to a backwater planet to do an economic study, while mysterious people keep trying to kill him.  Unfortunately, the book’s not that great.  It also seems to have been translated from American to British, as the cars in the book have “boots” and “bonnets” instead of “trunks” and “hoods”.  I don’t know why a book that was translated that way would end up in a library in the USA, but I think money may have been involved.