Rock Band, at least the Xbox/PS3 version, lets you create and customize characters that reflect your inner rock god or goddess. This is what I came up with for a guitar player. The picture quality is lousy— there’s just not enough light in my living room for cameras to be entirely happy. The character creator isn’t totally perfect, though. 5 heights, 5 weights, 2 genders = only 50 body models to choose from. And all the characters are young and in shape, so you can’t really create Keith Richards (2008) or Elvis (1970) or anything like that. Oh well, maybe they’ve improved this in the sequel.

It was cloudy all day Saturday, and it rained a little in Tempe. When it’s cloudy, the whole Phoenix metro area is just so much nicer that it’s amazing.

A game that attempts to teach the lambda calculus to kids. OK, I remember playing Rocky’s Boots as a kid and learning a little about Boolean logic, but the “alligator eggs” game looks like it’s a bit more involved than that even though it doesn’t require an Apple IIe.

Finished Olympos. I thought that far too many things were left unexplained. How did the Quiet kill the hundred-handed evil brain thing? What the heck were Odysseus and Sycorax doing at the end, and did they ever meet up with all the other characters? It’s entirely possible that the story was supposed to be a trilogy, and Simmons’s editors said, “No. 2 books is all we’re authorizing,” so a bunch of stuff may have been cut.

Zach and I are going out shooting on Sunday. We might be joined by Jen and SteveDave. I don’t know for sure whether they’re showing up, they weren’t in the mail trail. Juan can’t make it because Luli is sick. Oh well, we’ll try to have fun regardless. . . .