Caturday! I’ll have to find the picture of Fuzzball in full “laser eyes mode” later.

I finally got my blood donor card in the mail. Apparently, I’m type A+, which is pretty common—roughly 35% of people in the USA have that type. At least the blood banks won’t be constantly begging me to donate again, which they seem to do for O- people.

We went to a cafeteria in one of ASU’s downtown dorms for lunch on Friday. That was interesting, relatively cheap, and relatively tasty. We may end up eating there more often.

Fixed one of the stupid problems at work, mostly by following Bill’s advice. This consisted of turning on every single piece of error reporting that was available and then wading through the flood of useless warnings to find one tiny real error in a really stupid place. Utter the right magic invocation to the database at the right point, and It Started Working. And then we found other problems, which I will have to spend some of Saturday fixing. Oh well. Onward and upward!