Should you leave your rack-mounted servers insecure, the wily H4xx0r Pigs will r00t you. No matter how cute and fuzzy they look, they’re dangerous.

Hmm, less to report than I thought. The bus driver took the wrong exit when driving us back to Tempe on Monday, which added about 15 minutes to the commute. OK, I was kicking back and reading Olympos, not actually driving, but it was still a bit annoying. That book takes the Trojan War as depicted in the Iliad and basically turns it on its ear, adding war machines from the asteroid belt, people impersonating the Greek gods, teleportation, horrible alien threats from outside, atomic weapons, and plot twists that Homer would’ve had a cow about. It’s interesting but not as good as Dan Simmons’s most famous books, Hyperion and its sequels.

The economic OMGWTFBBQPANIC currently happening may have one small benefit for me. Since Chase is taking over WaMu, if they take over all of WaMu’s branch offices, I’ll have a Chase bank about 0.6 miles away.