On Saturday afternoon/evening, we executed the Furniture Moving Party. The living room of the condo was rearranged to better take advantage of stuff, and make it so that a bunch of people could more comfortably hang out in front of the TV.

It all worked pretty dang well.  We spent a lot of time eating and shopping for additional songs on “Rock Band”, where we ended up downloading about 12 songs.  Then we played them, which was pretty cool.  I was surprised to learn that other people liked Bad Religion’s “Sorrow” and wanted to download it—it’s a fairly punk-esque song that isn’t apologetic about anything.  Oh well, it was fun to sing and play.  We also got a few of The Who’s songs.  If it hadn’t been for Rock Band, I never would’ve listened to The Who, oddly enough.  There are too many gaps in my musical education.

The main problem we had was figuring out what to do with all the food we had left over.  Other people took the chocolate cake and tres leches cake, which meant that I was left with a bunch of chips.  Oh well, that’s easy to take care of.