Caturday! When you leave cats alone, somehow they always seem to end up in dire straits.

Relaxing day on Friday. In bad news, Google is leaving Tempe. I heard about 6 months ago that one of Google’s offices was looking to hire someone. The candidate had all the right skills, passed the long and grueling interview process, and everyone liked him. They didn’t hire him. Why? His degree wasn’t from a top-tier university. That seems really crazy to me, but then I’m just a programmer/sysadmin, not Catbert the evil HR director.

There was an article a couple of weeks ago about how the local food bank’s shelves are running low. So on Friday, I took a couple of bags of canned soup, canned fruit, canned chicken, and dried rice over to them. They are only open from 8am..5pm on weekdays, which means I had to wait until I had a day off to donate. They gave me a donation receipt, but they let me fill it out and didn’t check the dollar amount I put down against what I had donated. (I guessed—it might have been +/- 2 or 3 dollars.) Oh well, some people will probably eat the food I gave them, which is what’s important.