Fuzzball with some text that I’m sure we’ve all felt like saying at some point. Also, matey, it be Talk Like A Pirate day! Scuttle the mizzenmast! Keelhaul the politicians!

At work on Thursday, it seemed like I got a relatively constant stream of “Oh, can you do (small thing)?” requests. As a result, I got almost nothing done on the large, more long-term project. Some days are like that. Also found out an interesting and stupid way in which Internet Exploder 7 behaves badly. (Seriously, who would use that when Firefox is so much better?) I also got to fix a rewrite rule by Reading The Fine Manual, which is always a good feeling.

Reading Accelerando by Charles Stross. This is apparently a book that tackles the technological singularity head-on. I’ve read a few other Stross books—Glasshouse and The Atrocity Archive were pretty good, while Halting State and Iron Sunrise were enjoyable but less good. But what surprised me was that the first chapter of Accelerando was actually a short story called “Lobsters” that I had read about 5 or 6 years ago. Well, good writers imitate, great writers steal, and all writers recycle if they can.