Sometimes, the lizards are happy. I am also happy, because I don’t have to go to work on Wednesday, and can spend the time planning the swift destruction of all my enemies seeing a matinee, reading, and stuff like that.

Trivia: We were Trevor-less, and they’ve changed the contest format around quite a bit. We got second place, thanks to a huge set of questions about obscure geography that none of us had any idea about.

At some point on Wednesday, this site and everything on it will migrate from its location on my home box to a server at a hosting company. I’ve had the server running test stuff for over a week and have had no problems. If you get timeouts or weird DNS problems at some point, the server move is why.  UPDATE: This has been done.  Looks like it worked fine.

I’m also trying to organize a party. “Feed people and give them beer/cider/pop, have them move furniture such that Matt’s living room is more awesome, and then play Rock Band until we get tired and bored” is the working theme. Not sure on the date just yet though. The 27th might not work out for everyone.