Writing this at 2:30am on Saturday while waiting for other people to get their stuff together during the disaster recovery test. Of course, not everything is working properly. In fact, as far as I can tell, a bunch of stuff is behaving about as stably as a stegosaurus on rocket-powered roller skates. DNS, networking, various Windows machines. . . all either not working or working sporadically. I do not know how long it’ll take to fix the stupid domain controller problem, and until they fix this, everyone is essentially incapable of doing anything (3:30am.).

The stuff that I’m responsible for is actually working fine as far as I can tell. This is always a good thing.

Finished Moby-Dick. The ending is sad but inevitable. Ahab’s given multiple chances to turn back, and rejects them all. Starbuck knows Ahab and the crew are headed for a bad end, yet he is incapable of either persuading Ahab or shooting Ahab. Many are the Starbucks, and many are the Ahabs, my friends.