I guess owls can suffer from megalomania, just like evil geniuses.

I’m almost done with Moby-Dick. Six people look at the doubloon nailed to the mast and see six different things. Of course, this is supposed to show something about the character of each of the six people. Briefly—Ahab: crazy. Starbuck: resigned. Stubb: cheerful. Flask: dull and mercenary. The Manxman: full of strange rubbish. Fedallah: totally enigmatic. On the bus Thursday morning, I got to chapter 99, where Pip says, “And I, you, he, we, ye, and they are all bats!” Back when I lived in Sarlaac House, I quoted this line of Pip’s and my housemates wouldn’t believe that line came from a famous critically acclaimed novel. (For some reason, that summer, we all used “bat” to mean “loser”, and “wombat” to mean “extreme loser”.)

The power went out at my place for about 45 minutes on Thursday night, probably due to high winds in the Tempe area. I walked outside and down the road about 0.3 miles to see what was going on. A bunch of houses and businesses had had their power go out, but a few businesses still had power. Several traffic lights had gone out, though. This was probably annoying for anyone who was driving. Oh well, it was somehow fitting to be reading Moby-Dick with high winds outside, by the light of a tiny LED flashlight.

Late Friday night/early Saturday morning, there’s a disaster recovery test. I have to be awake and doing stuff for all of it, which will be a bit annoying. The stuff we deal with will be fairly easy, the other teams involved are doing much more intricate work. It’ll still screw up my sleep schedule, but oh well. At least I can do everything from home, and I won’t have to drive 30 miles to the other datacenter, like a bunch of people will have to do.