More whales. They were too far away to get really good pictures, of course.

I saw this paper a while back, and thought it was interesting. Mostly because of the subject matter, not because of who wrote it, though.

Early on in Moby-Dick, when Ishmael and Queequeg are signing on to the Pequod, Bildad says that he won’t have any pagans aboard the ship. Queequeg is allowed to sign on because Ishmael makes an impassioned speech in his favor.  Yet later, after the ship has set sail, Tashtego and Daggoo are constantly referred to as pagans.  So, how were they allowed to sign up?  Did Ahab or someone intercede for Tashtego and Daggoo?  Or is this the literary equivalent of a continuity error? (Fedallah and the other men on Ahab’s boat are not relevant to this point, because they snuck on to the ship and it’s highly probable that Bildad didn’t even know about them.)

Grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning took up large chunks of Sunday. And I’m on call Monday through Thursday, which shouldn’t be terrible, but might be annoying. And after that, I get either the 15th or the 19th off, which will be fun. Not sure which yet.