Bad puns about old poetry?  Yeah, we’ve got that.

Friday, work was relatively normal, at least for me.  Everyone else seemed to have a lot more to do and less time to do it in, so much so that we didn’t go out for lunch.  Oh well, the employee cafeteria is cheaper and quicker, even if it’s not as good as some of the nearby restaurants.

I finished Ilium, mostly because I misspoke earlier and I was actually 75% of the way through, not 66%.  It ended rather abruptly, with a lot of unanswered questions, but there’s a sequel.  Oh well.  Not sure what to read next, the other 2 library books, or Moby-Dick.  I’m thinking Moby-Dick, because the last few books I’ve read have been fluffy entertainment and it’s time for Serious Literature.

Hmm. . . does Herodotus qualify as Serious Literature?  That guy was the father of history, but his work contained so many non-historical accounts of stuff and so many obvious fabrications that it’s more like a novel than a modern history. Oh well, if the Classics department at your local university studies the book, it’s probably not all bad.