You will notice that this bus is not right. This is because both of the buses I took on Tuesday had their fare boxes broken. I don’t know, I’d think that a city would want their buses to all have working fare boxes. First get the brakes working, then the engine, then the fare boxes. . . right? Maybe not. Public institutions like the bus system can be managed in ways that make no sense to people used to private companies.

Work: Had 2 people come in for interviews. I don’t yet know which one we’ll end up picking since I haven’t seen both of their written tests yet.

Trivia: Our team name was “Thomas Kinkade Yells ‘Codpiece’!”, which is something that actually occurred at a Siegfried and Roy show in Las Vegas a few years ago. We were doing fairly well, I think. Roughly halfway through trivia, though, work called me up. A cron job that had been running at 10am was not running for some reason, and I had to restart it. After that was done, it looked like everything started working. At least I had finished eating before getting the call.

Not much else.