This is silly, but it does bring up a good question. If there were a giant fluffy bunny with 7 heads that devoured people, I’m sure that someone would start up a cult for it.

The plan for Saturday is to go over to Nathan’s and have a “TV Lifting Party”, where we all help get a fairly large CRT TV into its new home. This should be interesting. And, of course, after the TV is in place, “Rock Band: Track Pack vol 1″, which includes “Truckin’” (Grateful Dead), “More Than A Feeling” (Boston), “Interstate Love Song” (Stone Temple Pilots), “We Care A Lot” (Faith No More), and “March of the Pigs” (Nine Inch Nails) among a bunch of other songs. Wheee!

Finished Gravity Dreams. It’s supposedly a standalone book, but there are a number of references both subtle and non-subtle to the other novels Modesitt has written. It seemed. . . not formulaic, really, but very similar to a number of other books in the various series he’s written. I guess when you’ve written over 20 books, you have to work a lot harder to avoid repeating yourself.