Excuse me, have you seen my toupee? It was around here somewhere. . . .

There was going to be a get-together Friday night. I was thinking about going, but at about 7:15pm (15 minutes before it started), I got a helpdesk ticket. I spent about an hour trying a bunch of different things to figure out what the user’s problem was, and having no luck at all. And of course, the user didn’t respond to e-mail asking for clarification. Sigh. So I didn’t get to go, but I had sent out an e-mail telling everyone that I might not be there for reasons like what actually happened.

Finished White Supremacy. Since it was published in 1980, it didn’t cover the worldwide media attention that was focused on the South African apartheid policy in the 1980s, and the government’s eventual abandonment of the policy and subsequent regime change.  I wonder how the book would’ve been different if it’d covered that.

The main thing I got out of the book was a brief course in the history of South Africa.  And more data for the idea that people who are in power will do anything to keep that power, including espousing racist policies and systematically denying entire classes of people the right to vote.  Pretty sickening, actually, but I guess that’s how people are and how they have always been.