Fierce disapproval is what Patagonian Cavies are all about.

Yay for the three-day weekend coming up! A whole bunch of people are going to be gone from the office tomorrow. I guess they wanted a four-day weekend.

Really Lousy Error Reporting: Apparently, "Warning: NFS server cannot mount on /mnt/stuff : not owner" is secret Solaris code for “The remote NFS server doesn’t support NFS version 4. Modify /etc/defaults/nfs so that we try version 4 first, then version 3.” Well, many “enterprise” systems provide completely incomprehensible error messages. Enterprise systems typically promise phasers and photon torpedoes, and they typically deliver a red shirt.

Still working my way through White Supremacy. Apparently, in the 1600s, non-Europeans were looked down upon and considered worthy of enslavement because most of them weren’t Christians. So when enslaved Africans started converting to Christianity, the upper class had to do a lot of backing and filling to keep both their slaves and the moral high ground. And in South Africa in the 1600s and 1700s, slaves were tacitly encouraged to become Muslims, as no one saw anything wrong with keeping Muslim slaves.