Most people who have worked with the general public would like to put a complaint procedure like this into effect.

So since Steve is still in NYC right now, Juan and Zach and I decided to do something different on Wednesday night. We all went out to Shooter’s World after work and spent some time at their indoor shooting range firing a variety of pistols and rifles. I tried a Romanian .22LR training rifle that had almost no recoil to it and a Glock 17 that whacked me in the thumb because I was holding it wrong. It is surprisingly easy to hold handguns incorrectly. Heck, even Zach, who is much more experienced with handguns than I am, whacked himself in the thumb with his short-barrel .22 Magnum “noisy cricket” revolver.

Also tried a Saiga AK-47, which was fun. The ease of use and the general ruggedness of the AK make it really popular among people who have to use weapons under lousy conditions, even though it’s not as accurate as the AR-15 at long distances. Also, Luli took her .22 and fired 10 rounds at a silhouette target at 50 feet. Each round hit the target in the head. This is pretty good shootin’.

Work: Solaris. BLEAH. Why is it that whenever some suit tries to call something “enterprise ready” that its error reporting sucks tapeworms out of dead dog’s intestines?