What is it about bacon that makes people and cats love it so much?

Trivia: Was badly attended, we were short about 5 people. But what the heck. Spencer is now working at an art supply store, which should be good for him. There were a ton of sports questions, which made us wish that Troy and Trevor had showed up. We were trailing badly when I left. Sometimes, you get the trivia, sometimes the trivia gets you.

Finished Holes. That doesn’t mean that I understood all of it. The appendix contains a large section of formal logic and topology, which is somewhat hard to wade through. I didn’t bother. The main conclusion the authors reach is that holes must exist; attempting to construct a language or system where holes don’t exist runs into a whole lot of logical and semantic problems. They also provide a system for classifying holes (“hollow”, “tunnel”, and “cavity” are the main varieties) that appears reasonably rigorous from both the math/topology side and the philosophical side. It wasn’t a particularly practical book, but it was interesting as an intellectual exercise. It also serves as a reminder that there are other rigorous and reasonably well-researched viewpoints out there other than the hard science/computer science worldview I deal with all the time.