Continuing with the whole French sub-theme here.

Not a whole lot to report from Monday. Something stupid happened right before I left, of course, but we were able to fix it such that everything should be OK until tomorrow morning. I still don’t know anything about the Solaris box. Well, when it shows up, I know how to fix everything except for one small thing. And that’s just a matter of finding out what the Solaris equivalent of ip rule add is. Which should be reasonably easy, just need to find the right keywords to search under. There’s a Fine Manual somewhere, I just have to find it.

I’m still reading Holes. It’s kind of slow going. Even though traffic was backed up for no reason on I-10 east yesterday, so I had another 10 minutes to read, I didn’t get through a lot of it. The authors seem to expect familiarity with basic philosophy as well as math and some topology, and the subject matter sometimes swings from abstruse theoretical musings to partially practical stuff within the space of a page. I think I’d get more out of this book if I were reading it for a literature or philosophy class, and the professor wasn’t a complete idiot. But I’ll muddle through and figure out what I can from it.