Adam Koford of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats has his own take on Firefox.

Friday, I have the day off, because I was on call all last week. This is a good thing. I plan to take it easy, see a matinee, poke around a bookstore, get some more library books, and go out with Juan and his wife and various other people to a Cajun restaurant in Avondale called “Taste of Louisiana” this evening. I actually saw an article about that restaurant 2 days ago in the local paper. The lousy economy has hurt that restaurant’s owner pretty badly, so I guess we’re going out there to support the local good restauranteurs. I’ve never actually had authentic Cajun food, so it’ll be a new experience.

And, of course, at work we recently heard that the parent company wants to cut staff by 3% due to the lousy economy. I’m not insanely worried about my job—yet. The computer side of the business is doing reasonably well. It’s just annoying when some bean counter somewhere thinks of you as a cost to be cut.