I don’t know why you should always trust the white squirrel, but the person who took the photo thinks it’s a good idea.

Work was OK. We went to lunch—pizza at a nearby downtown place. I put out some minor fires and changed a few minor things. Two of the changes got at least one “Hey, that looks good, I like it,” comment from people whose opinion matters. Chris and Hari solved a strange and annoying problem that was causing people to get 10-20 copies of an e-mail they should’ve only gotten once. We’re also trying to hire somebody who knows PHP as there’s a vacancy on the team. Maybe we’ll be able to do some interviews next week.

Reading Door Number Three by Patrick O’Leary. It’s similar to but different from The Impossible Bird. There are some common elements to both books: Birds, aliens, and insanely advanced technology operated by people or aliens who are not operating on the same cultural wavelength as most people. Door feels almost like a first draft for Bird in some ways. Well, he did write that book first.

Zach’s birthday is soon. We’re getting together on the 10th to celebrate. Rock Band, maybe other stuff, and dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant. Should be a good time.