I was on the bus going home on Thursday, just like normal, when we pulled over into the breakdown lane of I-10 and stopped. “Um, hang on. Just a couple of minutes, folks,” the driver said, and he did something with various knobs and dials and carried on a conversation with somebody at the bus HQ. Then he started up the bus again and kept going til he got to the first bus stop, where he pulled over and turned off the bus. “Our sign is broken,” he explained. “For the last 8 miles, it’s been flashing ‘Call 911′ instead of ‘Tempe Express’, so we’ve been getting a lot of calls. It shouldn’t take long to fix this.” He fiddled with something on the side panel of the bus for a while, then got back in and turned the bus on, and drove the rest of the route without incident. I guess it’s comforting to know that there’s a panic button in case of silly movie plots or something like that.

That was about it for excitement on Thursday. Maybe we’ll go out for lunch on Friday. That’ll be neat, even though we did go out for lunch already on Monday.