No picture today. I had to get up really, really early on Tuesday to migrate a database from an old machine to a new machine. It worked, but there were some minor problems. To deal with one of those minor problems, I’ll be getting up really, really early on Wednesday. This is par for the course when you do the sysadminnish things that I do.

Trivia: We were grimly hanging on to 3rd place when I left. Zach wants to have an old-school oil painting made that depicts him wearing a kilt, holding bagpipes in one arm and a dachsund in the other. Spence, our actual artist, said he might be able to do that in oils. I could do something like that in acrylics, but it would look more surreal and more amateurish than the “Old Master” style that I think Zach wants.

I read the first third of Door Number Three by Patrick O’Leary on the bus on Tuesday. This book is not quite as compelling as The Impossible Bird, but it’s definitely not bad.

It rained quite a bit on Tuesday night in the east valley. That’s a good thing; we need the rain.

UPDATE: At some point before noon MST, Cox is supposed to be here to install cable.  This website will be down for about 0.5-1 hour when that happens.  If it doesn’t happen, then they’ve screwed up.  Again.