Sometimes, I wonder what city-themed versions of GTA would look like. This concept art is much sillier than anything a real game designer would come up with, but still funny.

Went shooting on Sunday. The range was really crowded when we got there. But we waited and eventually got a free bench, and shot for an hour and a half. I tried out Zach’s 9-shot .22 revolver, which had a stiff trigger pull, but was reasonably interesting and easy to handle. It was made in the 1970s, and it doesn’t have a safety, which I found a bit strange. I also put the 10-shot mag in my 10/22 and tried shooting from a prone position, resting the stock on a rifle case. That was OK, if not quite as fun as shooting from the hip.

There was a boy who was about 11 or 12 years old there, and he was much more excited about shooting than most everyone else there. He was yelling, carrying on, shouting, and generally behaving like the ill-behaved kids in this “Talledega Nights” clip. At least I didn’t see the kid violating any of the basic rules of firearms safety.

After shooting, we went to lunch, which was fairly mediocre. Most everyone else didn’t really like the food they’d ordered. My food tasted OK, but the tacos fell apart as I picked them up, so I had to eat them with a fork.

I recently got a thick booklet in the mail from a citizen’s board that has something to do with elections. Every candidate for state senator, state representative, and state corporation board had the opportunity to submit a brief statement to this board, which was printed in the booklet. One of the candidates for state senator for my district didn’t submit a statement. I wonder: Does this candidate deserve my vote? He didn’t care enough to tell the voters what he wants to do, so I find it hard to believe he’ll care enough to do a good job while in office.