I know I always think of guns and cold beer when I think of folks getting married. Maybe they do things differently up in Maine.

The TV Lifting Party: Also involved getting an old wood TV cabinet from one floor to another floor. This was much more involved than lifting the TV. But we then played “Rock Band: Track Pack 1″, and did reasonably well on it, even on the songs that no one had ever heard before. And then we broke for pizza, although there was some sort of stupid problem with our order that made it take longer than it should’ve to get our food. I learned that there might be a demand for a “variable-sluttiness shirt” in certain sectors of the female community. I also scored 100% while singing “Interstate Love Song” on Medium, something that I’d never done before. (Seriously, I don’t think Scott Weiland has anything to worry about.)

On Sunday, the plan is to go out to the Casa Grande rifle range, go shooting, then get lunch. Logistics problems may happen—Juan’s wife wants to go shopping, not shooting, and we may have a car shortage. We’ll figure something out, somehow.