Grr. Arrgh.

The Cox people were supposed to show up somewhere between 8:00 and 12:00 on Thursday. Did they? Oh heck no. I could do some things, since I was VPNned in to work on my old DSL connection, but there were a few things that I couldn’t do. So my day was less productive than it could’ve been. IMing co-workers with various questions and answers, reading docs, and fixing up various things in the internal documentation is all fine. It’s just that I felt that I could’ve done more if I hadn’t been waiting around for people who never showed up. This sort of thing is endemic to cable companies. They tend to farm out the actual installation to contractors, and some of those contractors are as reliable as a member of the state legislature.

The real pity is that I don’t need a tech to do anything but turn on the cable feed at the box outside my condo. I can plug in a cablemodem and Ethernet cable, then configure a cablemodem and computer, then call the cable company’s tech support desk with the modem’s serial number and MAC address so it gets registered. It’s just not that hard—I’ve done it before. Now I’ll have to do this “wait at home” thing again. I don’t know when just yet. Arrrrrgh.

Went out to dinner on Thursday because I had a P.F. Chang’s gift card that I haven’t used up just yet. Yay for not having to cook!  And I had leftovers. . . .

Finished “Firefly”. It was pretty well done, and it should’ve been on TV for much longer than it was. The network killed it by being stupid and greedy, and airing the episodes out of order, and so forth. Which makes me wonder: Why don’t TV episodes have something like “Show Title: Season# Episode#” in text overlaid on top of the scene in the first ~15 seconds? There must be some sort of psych reason for not doing that.