This is an old color picture of Samantha in a pretty typical guinea pig pose. She loved being petted, chewing on papers, eating grass, and hiding under things. She died in 1993 at about 5.5 years old. I hope that she knew that she was loved, and cherished, and treated as well as we knew how. A larger version of that picture.

I filled up my gas tank a few days ago, using my ATM card as a credit card, and I have yet to see the charge show up on my bank statement. This is a bit odd. However, Chase has a long-running contest/promotion that says, “Use your ATM card as a credit card! There’s a 1 in 500 chance we’ll pick up the tab!” That would be kind of neat if it happened. . . a free tank of gas is nothing to sneeze at in this day and age.

I’m almost done with “Firefly”. One of the episodes I watched recently, “Heart of Gold”, had a scene where the main bad guy said something like, “You have as many rights as I allow you to have.” Now this was a fictional character, but I do believe that if a real person said that, and meant it, that I would feel bound to render that person incapable of carrying out any action. An important document written by people who were much smarter than I am has affirmed that all people have rights which cannot be taken away by any human agency. If only we could get the current government to live up to those principles. . . .

Other than that, fairly relaxing weekend. No real news to speak of.