Many, many years ago, I put this picture together with rather limited image editing skills. I’m putting it up here because I can’t think of anything else to post. I’m still not insanely great at using Gimp, even after all these years, partially because there are so many other things I have to do besides image editing.

I have now watched the first 2 DVDs of “Firefly”. I’m surprised that the show did so poorly when it was on TV. It had a good ensemble cast, compelling characters, and a reasonable amount of humor. The “Jaynestown” episode is funny and awesome in equal proportions. And Woody Guthrie would approve of the sentiments in that episode. The main points of that episode, I think, were: 0) People need heroes, and will create them out of whatever they can find, even a man like Jayne. 1) No standard corporate power structure can function effectively in the face of a generalized workers’ revolt.

Point 1 is something I have to think about more closely, if only because Ken MacLeod’s The Star Fraction resolved an important plot point by having practically all the workers in the USA go on a general strike. Even though that book’s sci-fi, that broke my suspension of disbelief. People in the real world aren’t that coordinated, and there are always people who are willing to sell out and/or knuckle under for a few dollars more.

A 3-pack of religious nuts showed up at my door while I was eating dinner on Saturday. They looked like Mormons (white shirts, black ties) but said they were from the “Church of God the Mother” or something like that. I was hungry and not in the mood for extended theological debate, though.