This picture is from the Miss World 2008 pageant that was held a while back. Apparently, in one part of the pageant, the contestants have to dress in a “national costume”. This is what they came up with for the Dominican Republic. Now I’m not interested in fashion at all, but I just can’t see how an outfit like this would make any woman look good. I know the Dominicans like baseball, but . . . seriously, this outfit is like 3 or 4 fashion faux pas blended into a galloping train wreck.

Got a number of books on Sunday. I started Gravity Dreams by L.E. Modesitt Jr, which is interesting but somewhat flawed. The people in one branch of the fictional society depicted are more dispassionate, logical, and detached than is humanly possible—I think. I guess the protagonist has to figure out why this is so and deal with it or something. Don’t know for sure, I’m only 100 pages into the book.

In other news, Fuzzball just threw up on my rifle carry bag.  Usually, cats make “I’m gonna barf” noises for about 20 seconds before barfing. Not this time; she just barfed all over with no more than 5 seconds of advance warning. I hope the bag can survive the gentle cycle in a washing machine followed by air-drying.