It’s official, I have the job of herding penguins at WePublishNews. I start Monday the 16th. Whee! This may mean that blog updates may become less frequent. I will post something when I know for sure.

This painting was one of the ones I saw in the art museum several days ago. I don’t remember the text in the placard by the painting, but I believe this was painted near the start of World War I. The influence of world events is obvious in the painting, which I thought was pretty well done. I have about 13 or 14 reasonably good pictures from the art museum trip, so I’ll be posting those until I’m out of them.

Since apparently the iproute2 utilities are terrible at bandwidth limiting, I tried the next best thing and got out an old 10bT Ethernet card. I’m in the middle of running some tests on timing a bunch of I/O heavy operations using this old card and drbd. Then when that’s done, I’ll add an old 802.11b access point to the chain, and have the second machine communicate via 802.11, and see what (if any) effect the additional latency imposed by the wireless conversion has on drbd‘s I/O speed. Bandwidth stays the same, since the 10Mb/sec maximum of 10bT is similar to the 11Mb/sec maximum of 802.11b. It just takes longer for each individual packet to get through, and I think this will have a deleterious effect on drbd‘s performance. I Could Be Wrong, but if I’m right, it could point to a potential solution to a technical problem that they’re having at the new job.

The thing about old, slow hardware is that it maximizes the suckage rate of bad programming and bad configuration. For that reason, I think that good testers and sysadmins should keep some old, slow hardware around, just to be able to diagnose certain types of problems with minimal hassle.