Kitteh and Pip from the Laugh Out Loud Cats have their own take on gainful employment.

I got a call last afternoon from WePublishNews. They want to hire me, provided that I can pass a drug test and a background check. Both should be no problem, though I don’t think that I’ll eat any poppy seed muffins or bagels between now and the drug test. (Eating poppy seeds can lead to a false positive for opium or heroin, which would be very bad.) They’re on the bus route, and the bus stop where the express bus stops is either one block from my place or 3 blocks. So I can use mass transit (probably), and thumb my nose at the oil companies.

Also decided to add another couple of categories. “Books” for anything dealing with books, “Good news” for those times when something goes right. Going through 106 posts and adding the “books” category to posts with books in them took longer than I thought it was going to. I don’t know how people recategorize things like this that have thousands of entries.

Last weekend, while we were playing Rock Band, The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” came up on the playlist.  I had never heard the song.  Several of my friends were shocked/incredulous, since apparently that song is a classic.  There are holes in everyone’s educations, I guess . . . .