Fuzzball snoozing on her back without a care in the world. It’s a pity that black cats are so hard to photograph. You need to get a lot of light shining on them to get a good picture. I tried to take a video of her while she was eating, but none of my attempts worked properly due to low light levels in the kitchen. This means I’ll have to drag some more lights into the kitchen and try again later.

More Fuzzball: I set an empty 24-pack of Diet Coke on the floor near the garbage can, since I was going to take both empty pack and trash bag to the dumpster soon. Fuzzball stuck her head into the package and tried to crawl inside it. Fuzzball then realized that she couldn’t crawl inside it, and couldn’t back out of the package because the opening flaps bent the wrong way. I got her out of this predicament, but I wish I’d gotten a picture of it.

A few days ago, the FedEx delivery guy showed up with 3 boxes. “These belong to your neighbor, but he’s not in. Will you take the packages and sign for them?” “Sure,” I said. “Great. I’ll leave a note on your neighbor’s door so that he knows you have the packages.” The next day, I looked at my neighbor’s door and found no note. I wrote up another note and taped it securely to the door. That evening, he stopped by and retrieved his packages. I helped him schlep them up to his apartment, and so I got a look at what it’s like on the 3rd floor of this building. The ceilings are higher, the color scheme is slightly different, and the 3rd floor apartments have fireplaces. (Fireplaces? In Arizona? What in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster were the builders thinking?) In my place, there is no fireplace, just a 3.5′ by 2′ nook which I’ve filled with a bookshelf and a CD tower. My neighbor also said that I was lucky that I lived on the side of the building that’s not near the pool. Apparently, there are some people who like to hang out in the pool and hot tub late at night and make a lot of noise.